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We have various backgrounds in public affairs and communications, but are like-minded in our strong work ethic, strategic prowess and “get it done” attitude.

Janeen Mulligan Account Manager

Janeen’s attention to details serves the company very well as she handles all sides of the accounts payable and receivable duties, as well as many of our human resources responsibilities. As the Accounting Manager she plays an integral role in managing the financial accounts of Capital Results and some of our clients. Prior to joining Capital Results, Janeen worked for over 20 years at a magazine publisher wearing many hats, including human resources, payroll, accounts payable and receivable as well as customer service. From this work environment, Janeen has a proven knowledge of brand management, client relations and employee development.

In 2000, Janeen moved to Virginia with her son from Cleveland, Ohio. Shortly after moving to Virginia, she met her husband and has been married for over 20 years. She is also a stepmother to four additional sons, as well as cat mother to her adorable cat, Emily (although, she loves dogs just as much as cats.) In her spare time, Janeen enjoys looking for rare antiques with her husband, swimming, reading, and watching movies and television.


Cuyahoga Community College, Business Administration, 1995

Capital Results

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