• Relationships and experience matter.

    Whether building a comprehensive government affairs program or achieving a specific objective, the hard work, relationships and experience of our team maximize the opportunity for success.

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  • Perception is our reality.

    Everyday Capital Results reinvents the art of building and mobilizing effective public and third-party support for public policy issues.

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  • Weave a strong web.

    Integrating the advantages of digital communications with more traditional media strategies and techniques yields campaigns that reach the right audiences using the best mix of methods.

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Think. Plan. Deliver. Results.

Capital Results is a full-service public affairs and business consulting firm with offices in the state capitals of Virginia and North Carolina providing Public Relations, Government Affairs and New Media services to a wide range of companies, associations and government entities. Our company offers an integrated approach to dealing with any level of government and the public for a variety of purposes. Capital Results’ team thinks creatively, plans strategically and delivers results.

Public Relations

Perception is reality and we are committed to ensuring public perception is just where our clients need it to be.

Public Relations at Capital Results

Government Affairs

Extensive government affairs experience at the federal, state, and local levels helps our clients achieve their goals.

Government Affairs at Capital Results

Digital Strategies

We use new technology and innovation to create website applications that integrate campaigns or corporate initiatives with the social web.

Digital Strategies at Capital Results